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Adventures of Snow Couple: Sushi & Afternoon’s Tea

Yesterday at 9th February was one of the good days when I get to go somewhere with Thia. Firstly we went to Plaza Senayan to get breakfast in the form of sushi. We went to Sushi Tei and sat on the sushi bar. There we ate lot of things, and I discovered one great thing that Thia ordered for us – totoromaki, if I’m not mistaken. Dinda was coincidentally at the same place when we were there but unfortunately we didn’t get to meet.

We also went to both Periplus and Kinokuniya to get the Hollywood Special Edition of Vanity Fair, but unfortunately we didn’t find it. instead we found InStyle with Felicity Jones at the cover and one great discovery that we squealed at: Luke Grimes at the cover of L’officiel hommes. This was truly a great discovery for us because it’s been a long time since he had been on any magazines, so we bought it. (Thia wanted to buy InStyle too but it cost too much buying both of them so she didn’t.) I was disappointed to not find The World of Ice and Fire at Kinokuniya, but when we went back to Periplus to buy L’officiel hommes, my eyes caught one copy of it sitting on the shelves! Squealing, I buy it without any second thought. I was waiting for it for months and I was happy to find it.

After that, we got ourselves 200g of no-nut chocochip cookies from Famous Amos and for each of us a lemon tea (for me) and a coffee with milk (for Thia) before we went to Tugu Tunskring Paleis at Menteng. I wanted to try drinking tea at the afternoon from long ago, so we ended up here. The parking area was narrow but since Thia’s car was not too big we managed to park safely.

We walked in and the ambience was really great. The painting on the wall was a little bit creepy and it was awkward at first, but we ended up being too absorbed to The World of Ice and Fire to truly care about the painting while we wait for the tea to arrive. Thia got the vanilla-jasmine one while I got the orange-chocolate, and for the cakes Thia got carrot cake and I got the devil’s chocolate. It was good and not pricey—for my orders, at least—but Thia said her tea was so-so and she didn’t like the texture of the cake; but it was understandable since she actually have never tried the cake before and was just trying it.

We talked for a while even though we were cautious not to raise our voice so much—it was a little bit hard since when we talked about our characters, we tend to get excited and laugh loudly—because the place was pretty quiet. Unfortunately, though, in the middle of our tea a couple bringing two kids on their elementary years was making such a ruckus, so it… wasn’t that necessary. LOL.


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