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Adventures of Snow Couple: IKEA

So today, at October 17th after I finished my midterm exams, I went to IKEA with Thia. We’ve been whining about how we need to go on to IKEA since we’ve heard the news of it being opened in Indonesia, and luckily I was able to have some time to go with her soon after I finished my utterly stressing and quick midterm exam just a few days after the store opened. Yay!

IKEA itself is located on Alam Sutera, near Alam Sutera Mall and Alam Sutera’s toll road entrance (or is it an exit?). I don’t know if it because we went by BSD or because it is really hard to find, but we actually got into some kind of trouble finding the store itself due to Thia’s Waze app screwing up, making us take roads which, I noticed, we didn’t really need. (Trust me, I used to live on BSD.) Luckily Thia noticed the mistake halfway through, but we kind of wasted fifteen or twenty minutes because of that app. Damn you, app. How dare you. Note: was definitely my mistake though since I was the one who used the Waze app because it was unsafe for Thia to set it herself whilst driving.

Even though it was kind of crowded—well what can you say? It has only been three days since the store’s opening—the parking was spacious and, free! Which is fortunate in my part because I could seriously spend hours just choosing things on this store, lol. Anyway we went during lunchtime and we haven’t eaten so we went straight to the cafeteria. There was a long line, it being lunchtime after all, but unfortunately it was very organized, no people pissing you off by cutting because the staffs watched the amount of people who can get into the cafeteria, almost like rides in theme parks. I didn’t know for sure how long we waited because we joked around a lot and we talked about Kiss with a Fist, but it didn’t feel very long. 15-20 minutes, maybe. It was super packed though.

And how I can tell you I wish every restaurant in Indonesia have the same kind of system this cafeteria has. I didn’t like the fact that we used paper plates but yeah, I can live with it, because the other systems the cafeteria has I really like. (Another! as Thor would say.) I love the fact that they have a small trolley to carry the plates, love the queueing system, love how clean the place is, love how you have to store the tray into a special area that were distributed well all across, the way the playing area for kids have tables for adults who can eat while watching them. We can tell you we definitely rolled our eyes on people who just leave their plates and trays on the table even though there was writing clearly indicating that they should store the trays on the area.

Moving along to the food: Thia ordered Swedish meatballs and salad and I ordered the baked chicken leg with dille sauce. Both were good. I love how tasty the baked chicken leg was, it was almost like having religious experience. It was really well-seasoned. The meatballs were good as well, though I’ve heard still missing the sauce? It was really tender and well-seasoned but it kind of still feel like ordinary meatballs. Maybe I will change my mind once it gets a proper sauce. The food looked like it wasn’t going to make you full but never mind that, I was so full I had to refuse when Thia offered me her meatballs.

After eating we went inside and started squeeing over various things, and making up headcanons about our characters’ rooms. (It was, in fact, one of the reasons why I yearned to go to this place so much, and Thia would tell you that it delivered.) I, of course, being the ‘I-love-all-kind-of-wooden-furnitures’ person, started crying (not literally) over wooden furnitures, and started to want to take Interior Design in college instead of Product Design. Thia said that the displays were too Indonesia-y for her, but I think it was reasonable since it was marketed towards Indonesians? Don’t mind her, she just like to be hipster in every way possible. (Kidding, hon.)

Anyway, moving on, unfortunately, I think because of many people going to IKEA to see what the hype is there was a lot of unavailable items like the pinboard I was eyeing. Cries. I wish it wasn’t sold out, I wanted it so much. There was a small blackboard that I also love but it was too big for me to carry home, so I had to dismiss that dream as well. I ended up buying a small note that I was so in love with because the design was really great. It looked like a tree and it can move around, creating illusion of it ‘growing’ like a normal tree. Love it so much. Thia herself bought two kinds of art paper and a red pillow, which was really soft and nice to touch. I wish I had money because I want everything.

After we finished walking around endlessly and talking about our characters we went to the bistro in front of the cashiers which I was eyeing on because I ate the ice cream back at my trip to Singapore and it was really good, and it didn’t disappoint. Thia also ordered a hotdog and the sausage was really tender I could cry thinking about it. I think because it kept boiled in a hot water until it got served into the bread that it was so tender. Next to the bistro there was a Swedish food market but unfortunately we didn’t go there. Well, there was always next time. Hey, let’s go back later with more money, lmao.


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